EU “disconnected from public interests” in latest decision on the Industrial Emissions Directive

The EU's latest revision of crucial environmental legislation disappoints environmentalists, maintaining the status quo and delaying crucial climate action.


UAE creates $30bn investment fund to support action against climate change

The UAE has initiated a $30bn project called Alterra which will act as an investment support for climate change partnerships across the globe

2023 to be ‘warmest year in recorded history’, Copernicus reveals

The latest data from C3S shows ‘alarming trend’ of record-breaking global temperatures, with figures surpassing the pre-industrial average.

COP28 sees major strides in global methane reduction and nature-climate partnership

The latest developments at the global climate conference in Dubai highlight significant progress in methane reduction and a new Brazil-UAE partnership for nature and climate action.

EU calls for accelerated climate action at COP28

A need for rapid emissions reductions and clean energy transition are at the heart of the European Union’s negotiations as COP28 opens in Dubai.

Are supply chains the key to tackling climate and environment challenges?

There is a critical need for enhanced supply chain risk management in order for companies and industries to authentically address the impacts of climate change.

Industrial robots: a help or a hindrance when it comes to environmental pollution?

Scientists have shared fresh insights on the use of industrial robots in China and the subsequent effects on the environment, with relevance to industries worldwide.

New method of testing local water resources reveals regional variances

ENEA's newly developed method to evaluate water stress was tested in several regions of Italy, focused on water stress, total factory basin impact, and corporate water reuse efficiency.

COP28 aims for "highest possible ambition" in bid to repair errors from last year

A recent meeting between COP28 president and chief negotiator has cast a positive light on the lead up to this year’s event, as critics hope for stronger, more meaningful commitments than its precursor.

Could an innovative 'library of greening' help transform urban communities?

A new database of science-backed tools has been developed offering resources to boost urban sustainability and public wellbeing on global scale.

Copernicus: first days of june surpass the 1.5⁰c limit

After the official declaration of the emerging El Niño and last month’s record sea-surface temperatures, the first eleven days of this month registered the highest temperatures on record for this time of the year. Moreover, this has been the first time that global surface air temperatures have exceeded the pre-industrial level by more than 1.5°C during the month of June. The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) monitors how often daily global temperatures have exceeded this limit, given that it is a good indicator of how fast we are approaching the 1.5°C threshold set in the Paris Agreement.