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EU urged to rethink agricultural impact metrics beyond PEF

IFOAM Organics Europe have criticised the EU's PEF method, urging for more comprehensive metrics for agricultural impact on the. Read more

Firms responsible for microplastics clean-up under new wastewater rules

The EU is to introduce new draft rules which will mandate cosmetic companies to bear 80% of wastewater treatment costs for microplastic. Read more

Europe's politicians test positive for PFAS in their blood

Tests by the EEB and ChemSec have indicated that key European leaders have concerning levels of PFAS in their bodies, which has added. Read more

MIT's 3D-printed mass spectrometer component revolutionises chemical analysis

MIT researchers have developed a lightweight, cost-effective 3D-printed mass filter, crucial for portable mass spectrometers, enhancing. Read more

The crucial role of waste in the transition to electric vehicles

Limited availability of critical materials is making resource recovery ever more important to a successful switch to low-carbon. Read more

How a new approach to analysis is helping clean up contaminants

A look at alternative methods for quantitative LC-MS which are reaping “unrivalled” results in detecting environmental contaminants in. Read more