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Catalonia takes measures to tackle 'the worst drought on record'

Catalonia has declared a national emergency and imposed rigorous water use restrictions and fines to combat what it is calling the. Read more

Firms responsible for microplastics clean-up under new wastewater rules

The EU is to introduce new draft rules which will mandate cosmetic companies to bear 80% of wastewater treatment costs for microplastic. Read more

Norway approves deep-sea mining amid environmental concerns

Norway's Parliament greenlights deep-sea mining in Arctic waters, sparking environmental concerns and international debate over its. Read more

How a drought-hit Europe plans to plug its leak problem

New water monitoring technologies and collective action are key to improving water resiliency in the face of a more extreme climate. Read more

How a new approach to analysis is helping clean up contaminants

A look at alternative methods for quantitative LC-MS which are reaping “unrivalled” results in detecting environmental contaminants in. Read more

New method of testing local water resources reveals regional variances

ENEA's newly developed method to evaluate water stress was tested in several regions of Italy, focused on water stress, total factory. Read more