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EU's 'Euro 7' deal a setback for European emission standards

The new 'Euro 7' deal, criticised by Transport & Environment, fails to improve car emission standards, potentially impacting public. Read more

Can emerging air monitoring solutions overcome current measurement limitations?

A look at the persistent challenges in traditional air quality measurement methods used in the UK

IKEA embraces hydrogen-powered transport for a greener future

IKEA collaborates with Westport and partners to demonstrate hydrogen-powered transport in Sweden, showcasing a commitment to reducing. Read more

Canada wildfires contribute significantly to global carbon emissions in 2023

Severe wildfires in Canada produced 23% of global carbon emissions, highlighting the escalating environmental impact of such disasters.

Are supply chains the key to tackling climate and environment challenges?

There is a critical need for enhanced supply chain risk management in order for companies and industries to authentically address the. Read more

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