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New tool that detects pollutants in corals has revealed historic contamination patterns

UCL scientists have discovered previously ingested fossil fuel particles in corals, providing a new way to measure and date atmospheric. Read more

EU truck CO2 law could be blocked over fuel loophole dispute

The German Transport Ministry's surprise U-turn jeopardises EU truck climate targets as FDP seeks loophole for e-fuels and palm oil.

300,000 lives at risk if air quality rules delayed, say scientists

A group of environmental scientists have urged the European Commission to reconsider postponing new air quality rules, as continued. Read more

EU urged to rethink agricultural impact metrics beyond PEF

IFOAM Organics Europe have criticised the EU's PEF method, urging for more comprehensive metrics for agricultural impact on the. Read more

European industry pollution costs decline, the EEA reports

EEA analysis reveals a significant decrease in pollution costs from Europe's largest industrial plants, yet they still account for 2%. Read more

New CO2 targets aim to 'phase-out' diesel trucks by 2040

The EU has agreed on stringent CO2 emission targets for heavy-duty vehicles, aiming for a near phase-out of diesel trucks by 2040.