IKEA embraces hydrogen-powered transport for a greener future

IKEA collaborates with Westport and partners to demonstrate hydrogen-powered transport in Sweden, showcasing a commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

In brief: 
  • Westport's H2 HPDI™ fuel system-equipped truck, operated by KAJ Inrikes, successfully transported IKEA products in Sweden, marking a significant step in sustainable heavy transport.

  • The demonstration included the entire hydrogen ecosystem, from green hydrogen production to end-user IKEA, emphasising a collaborative approach to decarbonization.

  • The H2 HPDI fuel system offers a robust, affordable solution with higher power and torque, aligning with IKEA's goals for sustainable transportation services.

In detail: 

In a move towards sustainable transportation, Westport Fuel Systems Inc. has successfully completed a heavy transport demonstration in Älmhult, Sweden, using its innovative H2 HPDI™ fuel system-equipped prototype truck. Operated by the heavy hauler KAJ Inrikes, the truck transported a trailer filled with IKEA home-furnishing products, showcasing the practical application of hydrogen-powered transport in reducing carbon emissions.

The event, held on December 12, 2023, represented a collaborative effort between Westport, KAJ Inrikes, and other key partners in the hydrogen ecosystem. This included Smålandslogistik, Metacon AB, and Hydri AB, covering aspects from green hydrogen production to refuelling infrastructure. The demonstration highlighted the potential of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source for heavy-duty transport, aligning with IKEA's commitment to environmentally friendly logistics.

Kaj Johansson, president of KAJ Inrikes, expressed satisfaction with the technology. “We are pleased to have participated in this demonstration as it illustrates our commitment to IKEA, and all our customers, to support their transport decarbonisation goals.” 

The introduction of high-performance internal combustion engines for hydrogen can accelerate the sector's transformation, requiring minimal adaptation other than the fuel used in trucks.

Anders Johansson, Vice President of Heavy-Duty OEM for Westport Fuel Systems, said “Heavy hauling is recognised as amongst the most challenging applications within transportation to decarbonise. These heavy transport fleets require sustainable technologies that are viable for their operations as well as practical and affordable for today’s market.”

IKEA's involvement in field testing the prototype truck underscores the retail giant's dedication to exploring innovative solutions for achieving zero-emission transportation.

Michal Silhacek from IKEA Supply Chain Operations expressed enthusiasm for integrating this technology into IKEA's future transportation strategy. “We look forward to exploring the possible role of this technical solution in our future zero-emission transportation.”

The adaptability of the H2 HPDI system to biogas further enhances its appeal, resonating with visions of fuel self-sufficiency and sustainability.