Desalination plant: half flow solution to preserve modularity

Watch NOW on demand: Brought to you by AWE Magazine, join Sulzer experts Mario Alvarez Sánchez and Shane Harley and discover how to approach an energy recovery device (ERD) retrofit at a desalination plant - all while preserving modularity.

ERDs such as Pelton turbines are a critical asset for reducing the energy consumption of power intensive desalination processes. To ensure maximum recovery, fitting the most modern, efficient solution is best. However, this must be achieved without incurring costly changes to overall plant layout. Furthermore, an ERD retrofit affects the operating conditions of the main feed pump.

Join Sulzer experts Mario Alvarez Sánchez and Shane Harley, as they explain how to conduct a successful ERD retrofit while preserving modularity and taking these factors into account. This will assist participants in identifying the best possible ERD retrofit solution for their operations.

Mario Alvarez Sánchez - Retrofit Specialist, Services, Rotating Equipment, Pump Services

Mario joined Sulzer 3 years ago as a Retrofit Specialist in Europe, following 11 years as a Technical Solutions Engineer in Spain for Flowserve. He holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Madrid Polytechnic University.

Shane Hartley - Head of Engineering, Services, Sulzer Pumps UK Ltd

After completing his apprenticeship, Shane initially joined the Sulzer. Services division as a Design Engineer, before taking up his current role as Head of Engineering. He offers extensive retrofit design expertise and experience delivering solutions.

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