Dd-scientific - the capital of oxygen sensors

The DD-Scientific team continues to expand and with year on year double digit growth and new customers joining their on-going success story, they have recently opened a purpose built Centre Of Excellence for the production of Oxygen sensors.

With the founding principles of offering sensors of high quality and consistent performance at a fair price to the marketplace and their continued investment in automation and testing, DD Scientific has firmly positioned itself as a premier supplier of world-class sensors, against often much larger companies.

Automatic for the people?
The easier a product is to assemble, the fewer opportunities exist for variability and inconsistency.
A fundamental pillar of DD-Scientific’s strategy has been to use automated manufacturing
technology wherever possible during their production processes. Continuous investment every day
in new technology ensures their gas sensors lead the way in terms of quality, robustness and long-
term performance as well as providing a cost-effective alternative to existing suppliers.

Can’t get no satisfaction?
Customer satisfaction is also an integral part of their continued success and growth, with a focused and
dedicated team managing all aspects of the customer experience from technical support and advice through
to order entry, delivery and invoicing. DD-Scientific continue to be rated as excellent during quality and satisfaction surveys with their customer base. Naturally, the real key to their success story is their ability to engage and listen.

Dissatisfaction with other suppliers’ lack of technical and commercial support in addition to regular and unjustifiable price increases are frequently voiced as well as lack in confidence of their product quality. For example. multiple companies have commented that between 5-15% of competitor oxygen sensors fail after only 22 months of use and often exhibit signs of leakage despite stated warranties of 24 months. This can lead to damaged PCBs and components that must be replaced and or remedied at the manufacturers’ expense and inconvenience to the end user.

Investment for the future
DD-Scientific is the only electrochemical oxygen sensor manufacturer continuing to invest in new technology,
methodology and processes to ensure their sensor production remains at the forefront of the industry and
the first choice for OEMs who care about reliability and performance.

To learn more about our oxygen sensors, visit https://www.ddscientific.com/o2-sensors.html or
contact: info@ddscientifc.com