European approval for the fidas® smart system

Compact, Advanced, Precise - and Now Also Fully EN 16450 Certified

European approval for the Fidas® Smart System

The Fidas® Smart System developed by Palas GmbH in Karlsruhe is now fully EN 16450 certified. It received approval for PM10 from TÜV Rheinland on 11/14/2022. Approval for PM2.5 was already granted in April 2022, making Fidas® Smart 100 the world's smallest fine dust monitor for regulatory measurements to determine ambient air quality.

For the Fidas® Smart system, the proven and modern technology of the Fidas® 200, which is also EN 16450 certified, has been further developed. Both devices use the principle optical light scattering measurements as well as an extended signal analysis for the simultaneous and precise determination of PM10 and PM2.5. Like all Palas® fine dust measuring devices, they can be calibrated directly and easily by the operator on site.

With a control unit dimension of 240 - 320 - 190 mm, the measuring device is as large as a shoebox and can be conveniently used even in tight spaces and difficult installation conditions. An already integrated WLAN and LTE functionality facilitates wireless installation and enables fast deployment.

In addition to its compactness, the Fidas® Smart System features even lower power consumption compared to the Fidas® System. In 24/7 operation, this saves the user several thousand euros per year compared to devices from other manufacturers. The system is available in different configurations and can therefore be adapted to budgetary requirements. The Fidas® Smart system provides data on the sources of particulate matter and thus supports the assessment of emissions from road traffic or other carbon-based sources. This allows, for example, traffic control for air pollution control to be more efficient.

Fidas® Smart 100 is optionally available with a sampling tube for installation in measurement containers.

Like the Fidas® System, the Fidas® Smart System can also be connected to the cloud-based data platform This enables continuous, intuitive recording and visualization of all measured values from different stations in real time.

European standard for continuous fine dust measurement

In accordance with the EN 16450 standard, the system has proven its reliability and equivalence to the gravimetric reference in laboratory tests as well as in a wide range of field tests at different times of the year. 

The compactness of the device enables authorities, environmental associations, and industry to set up measuring points very easily, to expand the number of measuring points or to use it for hotspots in a variable and legally compliant manner without the need for an elaborate measuring infrastructure. Both the WHO and the EU have emphatically demanded a further tightening of the limit values as well as an increase in the number of measuring points. With the Fidas® Smart System, Palas offers tailor-made and efficient solutions for the future challenges to the official measuring systems.