Using a fixed voc monitor in cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are found across a wide range of industries for a vast range of uses. This includes the most common applications such as pharmaceutical and medical as well as other less common ones like semi-conductors. These industries need to monitor VOCs for a wide range of reasons. Including the hazards they cause to personnel and the effects of VOCs on the work being undertaken. Thus a Fixed VOC Monitor will be needed in each of these applications cleanrooms. This article details the reasons why a Fixed VOC Monitor may be required in cleanrooms and the hazards of VOCs. This article will also detail the revolutionary Fixed VOC Monitors on offer from IGD. Read on below to find out more. 

Using A Fixed VOC Monitor In Cleanrooms

Why is a Fixed VOC Monitor Needed in Cleanrooms?

VOCs can cause a variety of adverse health effects, especially at high concentrations. Short term, high level exposure of VOCs can cause nausea, dizziness, tremors and in some cases death. Long term exposure can cause fatal diseases including cancers and circulatory issues. Thus, VOCs should be vigilantly monitored using a Fixed VOC Monitor to keep personnel safe.

Laboratories utilise VOCs to fumigate cleanrooms after conducting work with harmful substances, such as bacteria and viruses. Due to the harmful effects of VOCs outlined above, it is important to monitor these levels so there isn’t any dangerous exposure to those working within these cleanrooms. Thus, a Fixed VOC Monitor is vital.

Using A Fixed VOC Monitor In Cleanrooms
Cleanroom Technician Sterilising Cleanroom

VOCs can be harmful in medical cleanrooms due to the various works they do in these environments. Medical cleanrooms work with various cells and organisms continually, one example of this is in IVF treatment. Due to how harmful VOCs are, these compounds cannot be in these environments. As VOCs can rapidly destroy delicate organisms. Therefore, a PID is essential to keep these compounds out of these environments.

Similar to medical cleanrooms, semiconductor applications utilise cleanrooms in the creation of various electrical components. They help in controlling static and various particles from contaminating these components. VOCs can be emitted from these components however, and due to the various adverse health effects of VOCs, Fixed VOC Monitors are crucial for the safety of those in these areas.

Why Should I Choose a Fixed VOC Monitor with IGD?

Consequently, Cleanrooms are used across industries for a variety of reasons, with VOCs finding common place in almost all of these, meaning Fixed VOC Monitors are in high demand. However, choosing the right monitor is essential in the buying process. IGD have over a century of experience in gas detection, with over two decades in PID technology. This vast experience enables us to set the standard for VOC detection, offering our clients a wide range of high-quality Fixed VOC Monitors coupled with our expert advice on the right one for your application.

For cleanrooms, we recommend IGDs TOCSIN 750 sampling gas detector. This device is ideal for clean rooms as it is applicable outside of the cleanroom through a contamination proof, through wall sample point. These sample points can be equipped with a wide range of filters for each application, making it perfect in any cleanroom. In addition to the remote sampling, the TOC-750S also uses our revolutionary piezo pump technology. This piezo pump allows you to draw up to 1Ltr of gas a minute. However, unlike current sampling gas detectors available on the market, IGD’s TOC-750S has no moving parts and runs virtually silently in operation, thanks to our piezo pump technology. Thus, the TOC-750S aspirated detector is the perfect choice when it comes to detecting hazardous, flammable, depleting or VOC gases in cleanroom environments.

Using A Fixed VOC Monitor In Cleanrooms
TOC-750S Fixed VOC Monitor

In addition to this, our TOC 750S Fixed VOC Monitor comes supplied with our revolutionary new PID technology. IGDs PID comes with a non-electrode UV lamp boasting a 15,000 hour lamp life, 50% longer than the average on the market. The non-electrode UV lamp also curtails the effects of sputtering, a common drawback of current PID technology.

With IGD, you can be confident that your Fixed VOC Monitor will be consistently supported by our expert service team under our 10-year warranty on electronics. To find out more about or 750s contact our team today to book a site visit or arrange a demo call/visit.