Are you using a voc gas sensor to monitor effluent?

Handling and treating effluent presents a wide range of hazards, from confined spaces to the treatment processes. Effluent, wastewater and water treatment also ranges across a wide range of industries, expanding the encounterable hazards significantly. One of these hazards commonly encountered involves VOC gases. These compounds can present a wide range of issues; thus, a VOC gas sensor is extremely useful in this industry. Read on to find out more about the VOCs encountered when monitoring effluent, the hazards and the VOC gas sensor solution on offer.

Are You Using A VOC Gas Sensor To Monitor Effluent?

What is the Difference Between Sewage and Effluent?

Sewage is a type of wastewater produced by a community of people due to activities like bathing, washing, cleaning. It also contains faecal matter. Effluent is the liquid waste that flows out of a factories, farms etc.

VOC’s in Effluent Treatment

Effluent from industries such as oil and gas, steel works and chemical manufacturing contain a lot of VOCs as they are a common by-product of the production process. This can mean that those dealing with effluent, may become exposed to VOCs. The low boiling point of VOCs mean that a large portion of molecules can evaporate quickly from liquid to gaseous form and enter the surrounding air.

Two maintenance technicians with water turbine at effluent treatment system.

VOCs can cause various short term and long term health effects if inhaled or ingested. For example, benzene can be cancerous if long exposure occurs, whereas short term exposure to other VOCs can, in severe cases, cause death. To adhere to COSHH and EH regulations, as well as to keep personnel safe, exposure must be limited. Effluents as a by product of a process may be stored and treated on site or may be transported to specialised facilities for post treatment. In all cases where effluents contain VOC’s listed on EH40 or on their MSDS data, monitoring will be necessary to ensure the storage, process and final disposal is undertaken safely. With tightening restrictions on the release of pollutants and increasing prosecutions, VOC levels need to be monitored using a VOC gas sensor to help prevent accidental releases which have the potential to be harmful to personnel and the environment.

What is the Best VOC Gas Sensor Solution?

IGD have over a century of experience in gas detection, combined with out 20+ years in PID technology, we can offer the best solutions and guidance for your VOC gas sensor needs. At IGD, we recommend the POLI portable and the 750X and 903×5 fixed VOC gas sensor.

The 750X comes equipped with out revolutionary new PID. This VOC gas sensor contains a non-electrode UV lamp, boasting a market leading 15,000 hour run time and curtails the effects of sputtering. The unique electrode stack almost completely eliminates the issue of humidity, ensuring you are gaining a competent and versatile device. All this technology is available on our outstanding 2-Wire Sentinel+ addressable technology, reducing the costs of implementation by 70% and improving reliability through continuous monitoring.

TOC-750X VOC gas sensor

The 903×5 fixed VOC gas sensor can come supplied with the same revolutionary PID technology, all on a standalone system. This detector features our non-intrusive calibration method, allowing for ATEX safe calibration and servicing. Both the 903×5 and 750X are ATEX rated, with the highest quality explosion and weatherproof materials for use in zone 1 and 2 (Gas) and 21 and 22 (Dust) environments. The 903×5 also features an additional sensor option, perfect for environments where more than one gas may need to be monitored, such as when monitoring effluent.

IGD also offer the POLI portable VOC gas sensor, perfect for the wastewater industry due to its durable, double shot outer case and ATEX approvals. This device also comes equipped with pumped and diffusion detection options, perfect for portable sampling where needed. This VOC gas sensor is capable of detecting 5 gases in one handy device, with plug-and-play sensor capability for easy switching in the field.

Finally, the IGD Aftercare+, our expert, experienced service team, ensures that your system is maintained to the highest standard of operation. We are also the official mPower partner for the UK and Ireland, guaranteeing that your POLI VOC gas sensor is serviced up to the highest standard by the mPower experts.

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