New air sampling offer from industry expert casella

It is estimated that every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world, one worker dies as a result of exposure to hazardous substances.1 Global workplace hazard monitoring expert Casella is offering a free Flow Detective™ Plus calibrator with the purchase of its VAPex Pro or Apex2 Plus/Pro kits to improve air sampling accuracy and traceability and, ultimately, keep more workers safe.

New Air Sampling Offer from Industry Expert Casella

The Flow Detective™ Plus is an electronic air flow metre calibrator, designed to measure the flow of air sampling pumps to within 2% accuracy. This robust solution can calibrate within airflows of 20mL/min to 5,000 mL/min to ensure correct flow. Compatible with Casella’s pioneering Airwave App and Bluetooth connectivity, calibration results can be sent via email, ensuring improved traceability and pump calibration procedures.  

The Flow Detective™ Plus was the first calibrator on the market capable of measuring pulsation, indicating if the airflow pulsation exceeds 10% for true confidence in the integrity of samples. When used with the Casella Apex2 or VAPex air sampling pumps, the Flow Detective™ Plus can achieve closed-loop automatic calibration, eliminating manual input, and drastically saving time when calibrating pumps.   

VAPex Pro  
Designed for the low flow sampling of vapours and gases in working environments, with a wide flow range of 20mL-500mL/min, the VAPex personal sampling pump has outstanding back pressure capability. 

Apex2 Plus/Pro 
For flows up to 5L/min, the Apex2 medium flow air sampling pump is built to monitor workplace dust levels to help protect workers from long latency health problems resulting from occupational exposures.  

Until December 16th 2022, any customer who purchases the VAPex Pro or Apex2 Plus/Pro air sampling pump kits will receive the Flow Detective™ Plus air flow calibrator free of charge. 

Tim Turney, Casella’s Global Marketing Manager comments, “Casella is proud to be offering access to the Flow Detective Plus through its quality range of air sampling products. With equipment that is easy to use, providing instant results, identifying any issues and changing processes instantaneously can help enhance the long-term health and quality of life for workers.”   

Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental risks, and helping businesses solve their monitoring and analysis needs. For more information about the Flow Detective and Casella’s air sampling monitoring solutions visit,