Sensorex chemical resistant toroidal conductivity sensor

Inductive sensor using Polyether Ethyl Ketone delivers reliable conductivity and concentration in extreme conditions

Sensorex’s new TCSP series toroidal conductivity sensors have been designed for use with harsh chemicals or corrosive elements. With a measurement range up to 2,000 mS, it is a versatile sensor with applications across a broad range of applications that would damage typical contacting conductivity sensors.

The body is made of chemically-resistant PEEK (polyether ethyl ketone) for use in aggressive chemical solutions and temperatures up to 266°F (130°C) and pressure up to 295 psig (9 bar). A built-in 1000 ohm Pt RTD provides output for automatic temperature compensation ensuring accuracy even when sample condition varies.

All Sensorex TCSP probes are supplied with a 9-conductor cable with tinned ends for easy connection to controller, transmitters and other devices. Available standard with 10-ft (3-meter) or 20-ft (6-meter) cables; custom lengths available on request.

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