Enhance workplace and site safety

The BM25 from Teledyne Oldham-Simtronics, part of Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection, is a rugged multi-gas area monitor designed to ensure safety in hazardous environments.

Testimony to this fact can be provided by Al Masaood Oil & Gas, which following its formation in 1971, became one of the first oil and gas suppliers and contractors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Al Masaood has supplied around 800 BM25 portable gas detectors into a host of onshore and offshore projects, including 200 of the latest-generation wireless models.

The company acquires the units directly from Teledyne Oldham Simtronics. “We selected the BM25 because we can trust and depend on its performance in the harsh environments in which we operate” states Ammar Maarouf, Department Manager, Airloop & H2S Safety Services, Al Masaood Oil & Gas. “The BM25’s robust construction and intelligent design make it one of the best detectors to be deployed in applications where area monitoring is a critical part of the safety system."

Link: https://www.teledynegasandflamedetection.com/en/article/news/07-04-19