Abb to exhibit latest technologies for water and wastewater at wwem 2018

ABB will be highlighting its offering for measuring the quantity and quality of water and wastewater at WWEM 2018 at the Telford International Centre, 21st-22nd November 2018.

Amongst the products on display on stands 144 and 145 will be the AquaMaster 4 electromagnetic flowmeter. Featuring a redesigned transmitter incorporating Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, the AquaMaster4 opens new possibilities for managing performance and collecting data. When used with ABB’s new Velox app, the NFC-enabled transmitter enables users to access a range of configuration and operational data using a smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Available for both Android and Windows devices, the app eliminates the need to connect bespoke cables and laptops, with users able to retrieve logged data and upload and download settings to and from their flowmeter simply by touching it with their smart device.

Another new feature within the AquaMaster4 is its modified battery design. Featuring two industry standard D-cell lithium batteries offering up to 10 years of operation, the new design enables long-term, reliable performance in remote locations. In the event of either battery needing to be replaced, a substitute battery can be installed without loss of logger contents, enabling a smooth switchover.

Alongside the AquaMaster 4 will be the AquaProbe FEA100, an insertion flowmeter designed as an economic alternative to full-bore metering. Available for use with ABB’s AquaMaster and WaterMaster flow transmitters, the AquaProbe comprises of an electromagnetic sensing head mounted on the end of a support rod. Easy to fit and remove, it can be installed in existing pipelines as either a permanent or temporary flowmetering solution without interrupting the water supply.

ABB’s range of continuous water analysis solutions will also be represented on the stand. As well as ABB’s digital sensors for measuring dissolved oxygen and turbidity and total suspended solids, there will be a sneak preview of the forthcoming digital pH sensor and transmitter range, due to be launched in 2019.

An additional attraction will be an example of one of ABB’s packaged analytical panel systems, available for hire for water and wastewater and power applications. With options for measuring aluminium, iron, low and high range manganese, low and high level ammonia, phosphate and fluoride, the hire panels are ideal for short term projects or as an emergency measurement solution. Each panel comes with manufacturer-approved consumables to ensure they offer efficient, low cost performance.

For those looking for the latest solutions for accurate level measurement, there will be the chance to see the LLT100 laser level transmitter. Specifically designed for industrial applications and harsh environments, the LLT100 enables precise measurement of clear liquids from –40° to +60°C (–40 to +140°F), or up to 280°C (535°F) with a cooling tube.

As a laser device, the LLT100 is unhindered by the obstacles that can affect the accuracy of other level measurement methods such as turbulence and curved surfaces.

With its IP67/NEMA 4X explosion proof class 1 / division 1 (zone 1) enclosure, it can be used in a range of applications, including mining, aggregates, oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverages, power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals and water and waste water.

ABB also features in the workshop programme for WWEM, with ABB specialists delivering talks on key topics, including advice on using the latest digital technologies to help maximise data quality and availability in water measurement applications.

For more information, or to register for WWEM 2018, visit For more about ABB’s solutions for water measurement, visit or call 0870 600 6122, ref. ‘water measurement solutions’.